Liven Up Your Rented Office Space

Starting a business is hard. You need to put in long hours while motivating your team as well. A boring office space makes this difficult. One way to make your and your team’s life colorful is by personalizing your office space. Before you do so, you must find the perfect workspace.

Finding an office space

Don’t make a bulky investment in buying an office. Instead, there are various types of short-term office you can consider. One of the best solutions is to rent a space.

You might be thinking why rent workspaces in UK when you can easily buy one? There are many disadvantages office space for rent may exhibit. But, there are various plus points as well.

A rented space provides workspaces solutions for less money. Possible ways to find cheap office in UK includes choosing a good agent. Also, great negotiating skills may help too.

On top of this, you get to have more choices about the kind of architecture and design you want.  Such advantages office space for rent has will make all the difference. Especially when you are trying to be different.

Breathe life into your space

After picking the ideal rented space, now you can begin personalizing it. Break the norms.

Change the general meeting room definition

Rather than opting for a boring room with a big table, spice your meeting room up with cool paintings and color. We know what you are thinking. A business meeting room must ooze sophistication, right? But, do you know that Google offices don’t follow the norm either?

Install warm lighting

Florescent lightings might be great in terms of cost-effectiveness. But, when it comes to creating a warm and inviting atmosphere, they fail. How do you expect your employees to feel at ease if the lighting is too harsh? Hence, install lamps which have warm light-bulbs.

But, first coffee!

The day doesn’t start unless you have had some caffeine. Even if you aren’t a fan of coffee, the chances are, your team is. Make sure you have a place in your office where your team can relax. Furnish it with comfy couches. Also, you must have an espresso machine.


While you will find various tips when renting your office, make sure your research doesn’t end there. It is important to set it up in a way that makes working in it easier.